SpeakUp Germany

Spreading the Message
Executive Director, Grace Gallagher, and the SpeakUp Race Team takes Cameron's message international!

The world hears Cameron’s voice speaking up. The SpeakUp Race Team members did not just compete in a full triathlon on July 17th in Roth, Germany, they spent nine months sharing their stories, expressing why spreading awareness and understanding of teenage depression and anxiety was personally important to them. And one common statement came from our supporters, friends, and strangers brave enough to share their story: “Thank you. Thank you for all you stand for. Thank you for what you are doing.”

Germany knew why we were there. The SpeakUp Race Team was a force, a positive force, and Cameron’s voice was heard. David was able to share our mission to over 200 athletes at a dinner before the race. Our team and their families, proudly wearing SpeakUp swag, were constantly asked questions. They gave hope and reached people from all over the world simply by wearing a green bracelet with Fight Finish Faith on it, by wearing a shirt with Cameron’s quote, through quick conversations while standing in line. Mental illness does not speak one language and is not bound by oceans and geography. Cameron, you did it! You crossed the Atlantic, and, with your help, we were able to break down barriers of stigma and bring hope and light internationally!

Our race team traveled all over Europe and continued to spread our message. We listened to many stories from people who have been touched by this illness. I personally want to thank the French waiter who looked at David’s shirt and, with tears in his eyes, said in broken English, “Merci, I suffer greatly.” I want to thank the Australian who bravely told me about his battle for twelve years with depression and gave me hope by saying, “Good on ya. Keep doing what you’re doing.” We will continue to listen, and spread Cameron’s message!

Always remember whether you are strolling the grocery store aisles, stuck in traffic or in an elevator late for an appointment, every second is an opportunity to be that positive force, to be someone’s hope. Everyone has a story, all over the world.