Anna White “Deep Run HS” SpeaksUp

Cameron and I connect in many ways and our stories are similar. I suffered from depression and anxiety, although I am still recovering, and the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation has helped with overcoming the darkness. CKG Foundation came into my life through Deep Run High School’s Marathon Dance. After talking to Cameron’s parents and the wonderful people who help CKG Foundation, I became closer with them and realized I was going through the same things Cameron went through. After Marathon Dance CKG Foundation brought their program to the school, the meetings were amazing and I learned a lot. I learned how to cope, how to get help, and how to help others. All the students who attended the meetings learned a lot and realized that they weren’t alone in whatever they were or are going through right now in life. The Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation has had a huge impact on others and on myself and I know they will keep creating an impact in the community and in teenagers’ lives. 

Julie Basinski