Cameron's Song

He never met her, but he knows her. Somehow he was able to capture Cameron, her heart, her inner voice. Thank you, Chris Minton. Thank you for taking your amazing talent, and not only bringing strength to this mother, but for bringing hope and strength to so many who are fighting the good fight every day.

I am ecstatic for the world to hear “Cameron’s Song.” I am grateful for the power of this song. This all began because there was a mother who I had never met, who opened her heart to reach out because she cared. A conversation was started, and then it was shared, and now the vibration of hope will continue forever through music. The power of a conversation, the ripple effect when you SpeakUp, is powerful.

When you have that feeling inside your gut to reach out – do it. I promise it will make a huge difference in someone’s life. Missy and Chris Minton share their journey to Cameron’s song below. In reading it, I know you will be filled with hope. My hope is on the days you are carrying a load that is often quite invisible to those around you, you tap into that tank of hope. Listen to “Cameron’s Song,” and together we will fight the good fight, have faith and finish the race – whatever your race may be.

The Backstory to Cameron’s Song
by Chris and Missy Minton

“Cameron’s Song” was born from tragedy and friendship. I can still remember the day, the headlines, the photo of this beautiful teenager, and the interviews with her grieving parents. As parents of three young girls, Chris and I wrestled with the feelings of how something like this could happen. We wept for David and Grace, and like so many who did not know them at the time, we wanted to help them. Cameron’s story stayed in our hearts, and we talked about it often. As a mother, there was something that drew me to Grace. I needed to know she was ok, a term she would tell me later that she would never quite be again. As fate would have it, the foundation I worked for at the time was contracted to help the Gallagher family launch Cameron’s foundation on Brown’s Island on May 31, 2014. It was truly one of the most special gifts I have ever been given. I remember laying eyes on Grace for the first time, surrounded by her sisters, being held up by love and family. I tell Grace now, that in that moment, I knew I wanted to help make Cameron’s vision a reality. It never mattered to me how or when, just that it would be so. Enjoying dinners with Grace allowed me to process how a mother survives a tragic loss. Those evenings gave me hope and strength, and I cannot accurately tell anyone why; they just did. As I learned about Cameron and how she struggled, everything that had been clouded in my life made perfect sense. I was there to help Grace, yet Cameron’s passing, meeting Grace, and learning to “SpeakUp” saved me in so many ways.

These great dinner conversations were recounted to my husband, Chris, and unbeknownst to me, he began writing “Cameron’s Song” from these talks. The journey of this song is intensely personal. Chris put pen to paper, to not only cement Cameron’s vision, but mainly to offer hope to another teen or adult who may be suffering in the way Cameron did. Victor Hugo said it best when he wrote, Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

For Cameron, for David and Grace, and for all people who are out there fighting the good fight, this song is for you. Chris and I encourage you to download, listen, and be moved by the revolution that this truly remarkable young lady started. We cannot stay silent. We must end the stigma that keeps us from discussing mental health. Now is the time to do what Cameron said at mile 12, “Let’s Finish This.”                     

Your purchase of “Cameron’s Song” will enable us to continue providing free, mental health programs to teens across Central Virginia. All proceeds from your download will be restricted for that purpose. Please share! ~ © 2017 Christopher Minton.  All rights reserved.

Katherine Cook