CKG Volunteer, Albert Negrin, SpeaksUp

Albert Negrin pictured with (from left) Samantha Mier, Grace Gallagher, & Nannette Shor

Albert Negrin pictured with (from left) Samantha Mier, Grace Gallagher, & Nannette Shor

I first got involved with the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation after reading an account of Cameron’s life in the newspaper. Although I never knew Cameron, when I heard her story I knew I wanted to SpeakUp. I immediately recognized that this was an unmet need in our community, and I wanted to help the CKG Foundation support our teens struggling with mental illness.  Teenagers and young adults have so many stressors and pressure, and I'm happy that I can SpeakUp through the CGK Foundation about them. 

I have always been an avid volunteer.  I work to make a difference in our society, and to give back to my community. Everything I volunteer for centers around supporting children: the CKG Foundation, the Tee Jay Vikings Fund, and St. Baldricks Foundation are all great causes I care about. 

In 2012, I co-founded the Tee Jay Vikings Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, to raise needed funds for Thomas Jefferson High School in the city of Richmond. Since then, we have raised a little over $200,000 from alumni and community donations.  With those funds, we have replaced old lockers, put in a new weight room, washer and dryers, fencing, uniforms, a new football and baseball scoreboard, a new marquee, and refurbished the mural in the library. We also started a scholarship fund, and this past fall we started installing new whiteboards. Our board consists of alumni and members of the community. This year I was thrilled to use my connection at Thomas Jefferson High School to introduce Jodi Beland and Grace Gallagher to the TJHS principal, Darin Thompson, and thus bring CKG programming to that school. 

In 2013, I started shaving my head to raise money and awareness of children battling cancer. Kids with cancer often lose their hair during treatment. As a "shavee," you shave your head to show your support — and in the process inspire friends and family to donate to childhood cancer research.

Adding the CKG Foundation to this list in 2015 fit my focus perfectly.  I am pleased to be an Ambassador with the Foundation, representing its efforts at community events, and reaching out to connections that I may have for donations. My involvement over the past few years has allowed me many opportunities to make a difference and make a lasting impact. 




Katherine Cook