CraftMaster Homes' Jeff and Bobbie Sue Tunstall SpeakUp

With a shared love of Ironman triathlons, how could Jeff and David not become fast friends? They completed the Florida Ironman in November 2014, and their bond was sealed. After spending the race weekend learning more about Speak Up and Cameron, Jeff was inspired by Cameron’s mission to join in, and help bring awareness to combat the stigma around teenage depression and anxiety. 

With the Gallagher’s blessing, we made plans to dedicate one of our new house plans in Cameron’s memory, and to share her message on a different platform.   Designs were carefully chosen with Cameron in mind.  Some of our vendors and subcontractors made contributions to the construction so that CraftMaster Homes was able to make a significant contribution to the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation.  God had blessed us with an opportunity, and we felt led to share it!

Days after David and Grace joined us to lay the foundation of the Cameron home, tragically and very sadly, Bobbie Sue’s brother, who had been battling addiction and undiagnosed mental health problems, took his own life.   The afflictions and consequences of mental health conditions affect so many families. It is not something new for either of us.  Because of the history of mental health issues in both of our families, we feel called to work with the Foundation to help, in whatever way we are able.   

Our involvement with CKG as friends and with our business has truly been a blessing.  We have learned so much, met so many new friends, and feel humbled to be working to fulfill Cameron’s mission.  For too long in our society, the stigma of depression and anxiety have placed such heaviness on families.  Families, who have not felt comfortable and confident to speak up about their mental health needs, need to know there is hope, and there is help. 

For our sons and family, we feel it is important to teach students and families how to recognize the needs of their peers and loved ones.  Learning ways to incorporate practices that help us care for our mental health is beneficial to everyone.

As a family and as a business, we are proud to support the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation with our time and resources to help end the stigma, and bring awareness to the need for mental health programs in our schools and community. 

Katherine Cook