CW Richmond TV's Mike King SpeaksUp

By Mike King

By Mike King

My name is Mike King and I am with CW Richmond TV. I am a Business Development Manager who specializes in helping the business sector grow their market share with TV and digital options. I think of myself as the “Partnership Guru,” in that I try to find a win in all situations by developing great partner relationships. I believe in the idea of Social Enterprise where businesses can help society/nonprofits fulfill their mission. There are more than 1,000 nonprofits in Richmond, all with meaningful agendas, which makes it a very competitive sector.

I have had my partnership vision for many years, and have loved seeing it successfully implemented by the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation.  I connected to CKG immediately, and the Foundation’s effort to raise awareness and understanding for teenage depression. This issue is close to my heart, and to be able to couple community service, supporting teens, and the CW together is what my work is all about. Helping the CKG Foundation, as with other successful organizations, forge innovative partnerships with the business community that allows them to highlight the importance of mindfulness, coping skills, depression and the uplifting of our next generation is my goal. I have developed a Business/Nonprofit Plan to help businesses with their commitment to support various organizations using the power of TV. Successful partnerships include Ronald McDonald House of Richmond and CDS Tractor Trailer Training School, the CKG Foundation and Miss Girlee’s Restaurant, and Connor’s Heroes and Strum Real Estate. These businesses support a no-cost TV campaign for the nonprofit while they incur no additional cost to them.  I believe in the “Pay it Forward” model that says my actions can have a positive effect on society. That is the same idea that my business partners believe, that their businesses can support causes that are important to them. Please click here for an example.

Thank you to the CKG Foundation for asking me to share my partnership vision.

Katherine Cook