"Grateful for an Amazing Second Semester" by Grace Gallagher, Executive Director

I would like to express my gratitude to so many wonderful teens who participated in SpeakUp workshops in their schools, teen yoga nights, art workshops, volunteering, and being overall super stars in my eyes. You have opened your eyes, ears, hearts, and minds to learn more about your mental health and your friend’s mental health. I really enjoyed spending time with you, and I look forward to doing more together next year. Every time I was able to be with you, I walked in with the intention of wanting to give to you. Every time I walked out feeling like you gave to me. Thank you for having the depth to know how important it is to educate and cultivate awareness and understanding of not just teen age depression and anxiety, but also for overall mental health. We all have a brain so we all have mental health!

As you go into the summer, be on the lookout for other opportunities we will have for you to continue to take good care of yourself, and be a part of shining the light to so many who need it. I ask you to take time in your summer to reflect on gratitude. Be grateful for yourself, and the many gifts you give this world. If there happens to be a day you are not quite feeling the gift that you are, remember this quote from Brené Brown that Cameron had taped up in her room for times when she had a hard time seeing through the darkness: “You’re imperfect, and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.”

Have a wonderful June, and take time to notice all the beauty surrounding you in nature, in friends, in strangers, but most of all in yourself.

Katherine Cook