Hamilton Beach's Mary Beth Brault SpeaksUp

Hamilton Beach is proud to support the CKG Foundation.  We believe in the Foundation’s vital mission to help children and teens overcome the stigma surrounding anxiety, depression and mental illness.  As group manager of corporate and consumer communications, I am in charge of community outreach for Hamilton Beach. After meeting Grace Gallagher, and hearing both Cameron’s story and the mission of the CKG Foundation, I knew it was something Hamilton Beach would be proud to support.  I am a mother of five children myself, and have seen how anxiety and depression can be overwhelming for children and teens.  I see them struggle daily, and having an outlet during such a fragile time in their lives is crucial.  The CKG Foundation is approachable and gives children and teens coping skills to get them through difficult times. Awareness and being open about the suffering is something that helps take away the shame and stigma, and allows healing to begin.

Hamilton Beach looks forward to our continued partnership with the CKG Foundation. We hope Cameron’s story and mission can continue to grow and help children and teens everywhere.   

Katherine Cook