Let's Finish This

“On a personal note, I suffered through severe, extreme depression and understand what it feels like to question your existence. This 5k is not only personal for me, but I would love to help the community open its eyes and see this is not an issue we can run away from and pretend is not there.” – Cameron Gallagher

Cameron wrote this in an email to sweetFrog asking for their support in promoting the 5k she was planning. Well Cameron, because of you thousands of people showed up on Sept 10th and their eyes were opened. And guess what sweet girl – their hearts were opened! Thank you Cameron, I am so proud of you. I am honored to be your mama.

Thank you to each and every one of you for running, walking, skipping, dancing your way through this beautiful course. Thank you for cheering and handing out water. Thank you for squirting silly string and water guns. Thank you for setting up and cleaning up, for handing out bibs and handling walk up registrations. Thank you for sponsoring the SpeakUp5k, for sending your colleagues out to run together, and for volunteering together.

I hope that all of you who participated in the Third Annual SpeakUp5k Richmond feel my sincere gratitude. More importantly, I hope you feel the smile from above and the twinkle in HER eyes for all you do for so many out there fighting the good fight. 

Katherine Cook