Sam Stone SpeaksUp

Pictured from left, Frank Stone (in van), Sally Stone, Sam, Tina Berry and Mike Berry

Pictured from left, Frank Stone (in van), Sally Stone, Sam, Tina Berry and Mike Berry

I’m Sam Stone and serve as the President of our family business, Stone’s Office Equipment. For years, our company has focused on community involvement and working to support those who serve. Examples of this are sending care packages to our military in Afghanistan, supporting the Virginia State Police Association, and the Jillian Fund. We do this because of our belief in family! This is why I am proud to not only say I’m a member of the SpeakUp team, but our company is proud to support and team with the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation. Why? Because we believe in Cameron’s dream for creating a better world where people with mental illness are better understood. And where people are open to talk about it without being judged or embarrassed.

I’ve known David for many years, and the heartbreak of losing Cameron was shocking and sad, but to see the positive that comes from tragedy is nothing less than a miracle. Cameron’s dream is something I would hope everyone would want to be a part of…I know the Stone’s Office Equipment family wants to.

What amazes me is every time I share Cameron’s story, the person I’m talking with can relate in some way, either they know someone or have a family member who suffers with a mental illness. Like other illnesses, mental illness does not discriminate. Cameron’s wish was for more people to SpeakUp. It sounds so simple. It is so simple. Help keep her dream alive. Join the team and tell her story.

Like Cameron, we want to make a difference and Stone’s Office Equipment is proud to be a member of the team.

Katherine Cook