Sarah Wunschel SpeaksUp

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I fought depression as a teenager and as a young adult, but in my day there weren't any resources to help out teenagers or parents. I just bottled up my negative emotions and thoughts until they exploded out of me. I had planned to end my life once I turned 18, and had access to a firearm. Thankfully shortly before turning 18, my emotions busted out enough to get attention. I found help, went to see a shrink, was placed on a number of different mental stabilizing drugs, until I found one that worked well enough. Time passed. I healed. Eventually the anti-depression medication was starting to cause depression. This is actually common in medications, and people need to be aware. So I was weaned off the drugs. Now at twenty-four years old, I still fight off depression every now and then, but I know the techniques to stay mentally health. I know that not everything is so morbid and awful as I once thought. I am grateful to be alive. I hope my little girl will grow up and know that mental illness isn't such a negative stigma, but a part of life. 



Katherine Cook