SpeakUp Newsletter - April 2018

Aaaahhhh how I love spring. The sun shines on us just a bit longer in our day, walking the dog doesn’t seem like such a chore, and the bare branches of the trees bud new life. Makes me smile. Energy and focus start to come, and you may start to think about spring cleaning, as you trade out those fuzzy boots for those comfy flip flops that you are not really sure how they have made it through the past few springs and summers.  

When you begin your spring cleaning, take a moment to think about what inside yourself could use some spring cleaning. Wash away negative thoughts and behaviors, and fill your bucket with self-compassion. Talk to yourself as if your very own mind, heart, and body were a dear old friend. What would you say to that friend to build a fresh and clean start to this new day? Look in the mirror, take the windex and a soft cloth, and gently wipe away the smudges that do not need to stick to our beautifully and wonderfully made selves. Embrace the stains life has left on you. Those stains tell a story, your story.  

Breathe in the fresh spring air, give yourself a good scrubbing on the inside, and let your light shine just a bit longer throughout the day! 

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Rebecca Shigley