SpeakUp Newsletter - August 2018

What can five 3rd grade boys teach me? Quite a bit. Take a look at this photo. Allow yourself to slow down and soak it all in. I see hope, strength, kindness, and joy in their steps. I am personally grateful when I reflect on this image because one of those 3rd grade boys is my son. I feel grateful because the boys that are on either side of my son are with him hand-in-hand, one foot in front of the other - together. No one told these boys to grab each other’s hands when they took off. It was natural, already inside them. This picture reflects what is pure and true. We are all built for good. My hope for all children is that they always have a hand to hold, and surrounded by what is pure and true.  

Cameron wanted a community to come together, so when those moments where you can’t seem to reach a physical hand to hold, you could hold on to a hand in your mind’s eye. This was how her vision of the SpeakUp5k began. A simple, pure, true intention from the goodness in her heart - for no one to feel alone. An experience of a day that stays with you and gives you strength, hope, and confidence, that together we can put one foot in front of the other.  

Let’s keep our palms open so we can always be ready and in reach to receive someone’s hand. Let’s have the courage to SpeakUp when we are the ones that need the hand of support. All of us have mental health. Let’s take care of it and each other.  

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Rebecca Shigley