SpeakUp Newsletter - December 2017

Practicing Compassion

by Grace Gallagher, Executive Director 


“Baby it’s cold outside…” We all know this holiday song. And once we get it in our head, there it is stuck! As I reflect on the busy-ness, the stress, the excitement, and even the magic the month of December lends itself to, I wonder if any of us look at this month as a time to give the gift of compassion. If you were to unwrap compassion, what would that look like? And would you be willing to give that gift to yourself? The truth is when we treat and speak to ourselves compassionately, we give that gift over and over again to all people we encounter throughout the full days ahead.  

This holiday season is filled with many celebrations. Begin at home by celebrating and practicing compassion. Practice by starting every morning wishing yourself well. Picture yourself as a friend and say, “I wish you kindness.”  “I wish you peace.” “I wish you well.” Have your inner voice be the tone you would use when talking to a good friend.  

Cameron knew the importance of compassion. She knew how important it was for us to look at others through the lens of kindness and support. Help me celebrate the gift of Cameron and her compassionate heart this holiday season. Let compassion warm us like a rich, smooth hot chocolate on a cold winter day. 

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Rebecca Shigley