SpeakUp Newsletter - March 2018

Spreading the Message 

by Grace Gallagher, Executive Director 

For many, March brings images of leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold. We pull out our green tee shirts and suddenly we are all Irish. I would like to reflect on the image of rainbows during this month. Rainbows often represent the promise of peace, and promise that our troubles of today will pass and we need to hold onto faith and the hope of tomorrow: a tomorrow filled with new beginnings and purpose that illuminates a magical sense of color and light.  

My wish, my hope, for all during the month of March is that they know there truly is light and color inside them that this world is privileged to receive. Even in the darkest moments of life there is beauty, and there is light. I say this with confidence and know this to be true without a shadow of doubt. Pain and suffering are a part of what many researchers call “common humanity.” In all honesty, I will never understand why pain and suffering has to be a part of so many precious lives, but what I choose to hold onto in that “common humanity” is that we are not alone. I choose to hold onto the light others have shown me when I couldn’t find it inside myself. I choose to look for the rainbows. I choose to not just look for the rainbows, but to find them in each and every one who journeys through this thing called life.  

You may never know when and how you have offered color and light into someone’s day. You may never know how your light and beauty gave hope and the sense of purpose back into someone’s soul. But I would like to personally thank the many of you near and far that have done that for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, from my family’s heart, for carrying us as you have carried Cameron’s voice and lived her mission to cultivate understanding and awareness for teenage depression and anxiety. You have brought light into our darkest moments, and that light, that love, is powerful.  Thank you.

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Rebecca Shigley