Spreading the Message

“Everyone is so nice!” Cameron said to David and me as we saw her at mile 3 of the Virginia Beach Shamrock ½ Marathon. She was smiling ear to ear. Feeling strong, feeling proud, and feeling grateful for the support surrounding her. Support from people who didn’t know her and whom she didn’t know. They were encouraging and positive as they held up posters, handed out water and rang cowbells. Cameron was carried by this enthusiasm.

As we go participate in the 3rd annual SpeakUp5k Richmond, let’s continue to carry people we know and people we don’t know, as we all live our lives with purpose. Let’s run with purpose, walk with purpose, live with purpose, and do it all Cameron style – with a smile.

I look forward to seeing you all at Byrd Park on September 10th. I promise you this is not your ordinary 5k. This is an experience, and you will be carried by not only our awesome Richmond community, but by a beautiful girl whose dream you are making a reality.

Thank you for sharing this event with your friends and family, and showing them how we all SpeakUp for so many out there fighting the good fight.

Fight! Finish! Faith!


Katherine Cook