Spreading The Message, A letter to Cam from Uncle Denny

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Hey Cam!

I’ve spent the last couple of days in Richmond planning for the SpeakUp5k Tampa on October 7th.  I think you’re going to be so proud of all the amazing work being done, and how your message is continuing to spread throughout the world in a very meaningful way.   I was so blown away by the enormous community support we had last year.  This year is going to be just as amazing!

How about this incredible group of SpeakUp ambassadors we have on our team?  I know, right!?! We have 15 of your friends (including three of your cousins!) from ten different high schools throughout Tampa Bay spreading the message, posting signs, hanging posters, and blowing up social media supporting the mission.  These guys get it, they see it, and they’re truly taking your messaging and SpeakingUp all over Tampa Bay!  We couldn’t be more blessed to have their support.

And your message is already making an impact.  Just look at the incredible story of Andrew Watts in this month’s newsletter.  How awesome is it that Andrew has the courage to SpeakUp and share his own challenges with all of us!  What a role model he is, to so many others who might need a friend to lean on.  We couldn’t be more blessed to have Andrew and his beautiful family supporting us.

I’m so thrilled to be leading this effort here in Tampa as a member of your team, Cam.  It obviously means so much to me.  I went to the CKG Foundation today, and was so inspired by the many, many people working so hard to bring the message to our city.  But you know what was the most inspiring part?  Looking at all the pictures of the smiling people throughout the office and inspirational messages on the walls, which really showed me that your vision and your dream has become a reality.  I know you’ll continue to drive us to do more, and to help others more. You can count on me to be there with you, working hard to bring the message to even more who want to and need to SpeakUp. 

I love you,

Uncle Denny

Meet the SpeakUp Teen Ambassadors, spreading the message to the community!

Meet the SpeakUp Teen Ambassadors, spreading the message to the community!

Katherine Cook