Taking a Moment to Notice the Changing Season

By Grace Gallagher, Executive Director

By Grace Gallagher, Executive Director

When it is 80 degrees outside, it is hard to believe that we are entering the beautiful fall season. I have a few particular trees I always look forward to seeing change colors along my usual routes I take. Sometimes I am a little selfish and think that the colors are there just for me. We often talk about the seasons in our lives. Life is always spinning, and often changing us into many different colors just as the leaves change colors.

I hope that in whatever season you are in your life, you can hold onto one of Walt Whitman’s quotes that Cameron wrote in her journal. “Keep your face always towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.” Ponder on what this means to you in your life. Know that the leaves are going to change and will fall to the ground because there is purpose to that. There is purpose to all the seasons of your life. Every challenge, struggle, accomplishment, and success has purpose.

Take some time this month to breathe in the autumn air. Notice the smells, notice the colors, and acknowledge that the present time is truly a gift. Be grateful for all the colors that come in and out of your life because they make up a purposeful and beautiful YOU.

Katherine Cook