The Power of Practice

By Grace Gallagher

I recently heard a talk about the power of practice. The speaker spoke about pro athletes and what is it that makes them stand out. Yes, some are born with natural athleticism, a competitive nature, and a desire to win. But regardless of their natural ability, they had to practice. They had to be committed to a training program. So I think, “How often do we set the same commitment to a “training program” for our mental health?”

The more practice, effort, and commitment we put into our mental health-training program, the more gains we will see in our lives. Our performance in all aspects of our lives will improve. The improvements will be felt not only by those whom we surround ourselves with, including our family, friends, and professional relationships, but, most importantly in the relationship with yourself. The relationship that you have with yourself builds confidence to be the best YOU. That confidence to embrace life – even through the most challenging struggles life will inevitably throw at us all – is an opportunity to grow.

I challenge you to diligently and purposefully spend some time on your mental health-training program. It is worth the work because as Cameron had written in her journal as a gentle reminder to herself “You are Worth It All.” 

Katherine Cook