Sam Douma

Sam is a Virginia native, who grew up and went to school in Richmond. After graduating from The Steward School in 2013, Sam went on to pursue a BFA in fashion design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. However, towards the end of her junior year she decided she needed to take some time off of school to focus on herself. Shortly after making that difficult decision, Sam was introduced to the Cameron K.Gallagher Foundation, and was offered an intern position. Since Sam herself has struggled with depression and anxiety throughout middle and high school, she knew the importance of the CKG Foundation's mission, and instantly accepted the opportunity. Sam now works as a programing assistant, helping Jodi and Clair with anything and everything they need as they bring the Minding Your Mind program into local high schools. Outside of the Foundation, Sam works as a nanny for a local family and can usually be found running around town with her “kiddies.”  Sam enjoys working on art projects, relaxing with family, or running with her two dogs (something that, thanks to CKG, she has just started to get into).

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