Due to the overwhelming success and growth of the SpeakUp5k, the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation has created a way for athletes of all abilities to compete under the SpeakUp umbrella.  With the SpeakUp Race Team, athletes from across the country can “Race with Purpose” to support the CKG Foundation’s mission to fulfill 16-year-old Cameron’s dream and legacy by being a positive force that works to cultivate awareness and understanding of teenage depression and anxiety.

Join us as we RACE WITH PURPOSE!

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I drew so much strength from Cameron, her incredible legacy made possible by this Foundation, and from the amazing group."

- Becca Naurath

 “This team is special. We're special because we're a combination of talent, young and old, experienced and novice. But those barriers are meaningless to our team love, and that's how life should be. Non-reflective of your skill or experience, but of how you drive purpose and mission into the hearts of others.” -David Gallagher, Cameron's Dad


"Race team is a community that has come together to share the same mission, work through personal struggles, and set

personal goals. “ 

-SpeakUp Race Team Member