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Meredith Walsh is an open water swimmer and triathlete from Richmond, VA. After years of training with local swim groups, Meredith joined the team at Endorphin Fitness and started training for triathlons in 2015. As a triathlete, Meredith raced draft legal and sprint distance triathlons and qualified for USAT Nationals in 2016 after placing third overall in the female division at the Powersprint Triathlon.  


Currently, she lives in Santa Cruz, California where she trains for marathon swimming events with the South End Rowing Club, Monterey Bay Swimming Association, Santa Cruz Masters Swimming, Birdwatchers Swim Club, Santa Cruz Triathlon Association, and Westend Wharf and Wine Swim Club. Since shifting her focus from triathlon to swimming, Meredith has competed in a variety of open water swimming events and recently won the non-wetsuit category in a 10k open water swim in Sitka, Alaska. 


Meredith is passionate about supporting people that are battling mental illness and encourages everyone to find an active and outdoorsy community to be part of since she has found that the camaraderie and endorphins have a positive impact on her mental health. With experience working with both open water and pool swimmers, Meredith is focused on helping athletes contour their technique to fit their particular environment and physique. As a coach, she helps teach local athletes how to swim in open water and has worked with the Endorphin Fitness youth triathlon team, led the junior varsity swim team at Santa Cruz High School, and coached the Santa Cruz Triathlon Association Juniors program. Whether a pool swimmer, triathlete, or open water swimmer, Meredith is dedicated to giving athletes the tools they need to feel comfortable and confident in the water.