We offer FREE mental health programs to teenagers and their influencers

of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds because mental health does not discriminate.

Bring one of our powerful workshops to your school, work, or community group. Contact Susan.

Each offering is available in 30, 60 or 90 minute versions

and can include multi-week content builds.


CKG provides speakers by request to promote change, advance its mission, and support individuals and organizations whose work and messages align. Additionally, CKG has a team of impact makers who speak professionally about their journey and lifestyle to maintain positive mental well-being after significant challenges in this area.  Speakers can customize their message for all age groups and specifically aim to impact adolescents and their influencers.    


Free yoga class to reduce stress and increase focus for students, teachers, and families.  Led by certified yoga instructors and held at CKG offices, as well as at various school and community sites. 


CKG canvasses independent film offerings from national and international sources to bring to local communities at no charge with secured sponsorships. A short list of successful film options are vetted by our internal industry experts for maximum and most supportive impact to community viewership. CKG collaborates with community partners to assemble and deliver a film screening educational experience. 

CKG Interns

CKG offers high school and college-aged young adults an opportunity to work in our team environment, learn about not-for-profit operations and leadership, and contribute in impactful ways to the delivery of the CKG mission. Interns can work in one of our departments (Race, Program, Development, Community Engagement) or as support to the whole team.  The young adult voice, enthusiasm, and expertise are vital to our success in staying relevant and current with trends and resources. Areas of study or interest would be sports management or marketing, event planning, mental health and wellness, psychology, volunteerism, nonprofit leadership, general communications, marketing, and public relations.  

9700 Gayton Rd.

Richmond, VA 23238


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The Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation is qualified as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code: Tax ID: 46-5172019. Contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


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