Hoka One shoes features Gallagher's story

Cameron suffered from depression, sometimes so deeply that we had to home school her. However, she was an extraordinary person and we knew she was destined to have a large impact on this world. To her, it was sad that people treated people with depression poorly. It wasn’t fair that people were mean to people suffering, she wanted to “SpeakUp”. She wanted a car for her 16th birthday. So, we made a deal. Set a goal, work for the goal, achieve the goal and we will reward you with a car. She chose to run a ½ marathon. She found that training helped her depression. She turned her focus on creating a 5k race series designed to bring attention to the negative stimulus of depression, the “SpeakUp5k”. March 16, 2014. My 16 Cameron crosses the finish line in the Shamrock ½ marathon, walks 50 unsteady yards into the welcome and congratulatory arms of me and my wife and dies from Cardiac Arrhythmia. “Please no, Please God no, I’ll do anything”, I thought as we held her in those last moments. The day after we lost her, I began running… differently than before. I used that time to spend with her, talk to her, feel her presence. I would run farther and farther, at times for many hours, relatively uncertain for how far I had gone. I run in HOKA shoes because they are part of that experience. If I feel good physically, I can take and give to the day before me. I can be inspired, and I can share inspiration to those that need Cameron. The Cameron Gallagher Foundation now runs SpeakUp5k’s all across the country, bringing hope to millions of teens around the world.-David Gallagher, HOKA ONE ONE fan #humansofHOKA.
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Julie Basinski