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Practical Outcome of a Scientific Work

This type of outcome of scientific work suggests that the author conducted an experiment, during which he received real data, proceeded from an assessment of the current situation. As a rule, such research results are aimed at increasing the efficiency of the and improving its operation.

The practical results of the dissertation are expressed using:

  • Development of new technologies, optimization of the production/sales process;

  • Determination of development prospects with forecasts (assessment of profitability, cost, payback, etc.);

  • Development of recommendations for the application of the results obtained in practice (analysis of the approbation of the results and development of an action plan for their implementation in the industry);

  • Development of guidelines that will help optimize the activities of the object of study.

Practical results directly affect the activities of the object of study, so it is important to predict the potential benefits and the feasibility of changes as accurately as possible (or with minimal error).

Features of the results of the dissertation

The results of scientific research are designed to improve scientific or practical horizons, to optimize the activity of the research object. Therefore, a prerequisite for registration is the difference from previously obtained results (by the researcher himself and other scientists). This means that the author of the dissertation must offer something new and get results that are different from the “starting point”.

The main differences of the dissertation research

The scientific results of the study are intended to emphasize the features of the proposed provisions in comparison with the previously proposed ideas. Moreover, each step of the author must be justified and argued with the help of new circumstances / facts / identified and proven patterns, etc.

Practical result of the study

Practical results should be higher and more effective in comparison with those previously obtained (by other researchers). At the same time, to achieve them, it is not necessary to “reinvent the wheel”, it is enough to optimize an existing algorithm with the help of small innovations (for example, changing the order of actions, etc.). Sometimes from the "change of places of the terms" the effectiveness of actions increases significantly.

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