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I have a sophomore who is home alone in the morning As an elementary school teacher and mother of three, I need a well thought out script to organize my daily life so that every member of the family can go about their own business. - My husband goes to work, and we keep in touch with two elderly, sick grandmothers by phone, Skype, as the risk of infection has increased, so in the morning I am alone at home with three children, the preparatory class is the smallest, the second in the middle and the fifth largest is my son. I teach in the morning so unfortunately I can't help them, my grandpa tries to help his brother in between lessons if he needs something he often gets frustrated by bothering him with his questions but we just don't know any other solution because these classes are running at the same time. Fortunately, my daughter's daughter has classes during the day, and in the morning she is bored, and sometimes she writes compositions, this is her hobby. She couldn't write HER first essay on her own, so she turned to the company (Bid for writing) for help. It's hard to understand that she should be silent, because I teach in the same room, and her two brothers study in the nursery. It is also very difficult for the parents of my students, there are families where both parents work, so in the morning the children are taken to grandparents, and there is no Internet access, so I send assignments and try to catch up. study program with the child in the afternoon. It is hard for a child to study, to write lessons when there is no one around who could help, and the poet often calls for help at paper helper. Unfortunately, I have a sophomore who is left alone at home in the morning, my mother calls on the phone when the lesson starts, child turns on the tablet and joins the class. I try to pay more attention to these children so that they really understand that they hear how to write an essay correctly, I would specifically tell the parents what it was all about this morning. Children sometimes ask someone for correct my essay, because they still have little experience in writing. For effective work, I try to stand in front of the barre every half an hour, move my limbs with a few gymnastic exercises, because, unfortunately, many people do not even get up during breaks but play on their laptops and tablets. There are children who do not leave the apartment all day, parents return home tired in the late afternoon, and children watch TV or play online.

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