SpeakUp Newsletter - June 2018

Just the other day I was looking through Cameron’s agenda. The outside of this notebook is decorated in bright pink and green paisleys with little, tiny flowers in many different vibrant colors. The inside was full of her “to-dos” marked on different calendar days. One particular Friday was marked with a nice bubbly heart, and written by that Friday date had what looked like a simple task. It read “feel better.”  

How many of us feel like this agenda? Our outside face is smiling and seemingly bright yet when we open up the inside pages, we are craving to check the box “feel better.” When I first read this entry in her agenda, my heart immediately sank. It hurt because I wanted so bad to be able to make her feel better. It hurt because I didn’t and still don’t understand so much about our suffering, and so many why questions race through my head and my heart. 

But then I took a breath. Instead of feeling sad for my daughter, I began to feel proud. So very proud that she wrote down that goal. So very proud because of her bravery to work towards that goal. The task she had before her to “feel better” was far from being a simple task. My hope and prayer is that for so many to know that whatever their goals may be, they are worth the time, effort, and most of all courage it takes to journey towards their goals.  

As we enter into the summer months, let’s choose to see the bravery in everyone we encounter throughout our days. Everyone has a story, everyone has goals. Someone’s goal may have been to get out of bed that day. I am grateful for so many whose bravery I have witnessed through the work here at CKG. It is you who give me strength when even writing down a goal seems insurmountable. Thank you -  

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Rebecca Shigley