Workshops cover a number of mental health and wellness topics under two main categories,

mental wellness and mindfulness. They are available in 30-, 60-, or 90-minute versions

and can be designed as a linear build over multiple weeks

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Delivery strategies include:  personal interaction, circle-style communication and sharing,

videos, hands-on activities, and practical application of research-backed concepts.  


Following are workshop topics and content. 

CKG Mental Wellness 101

A comprehensive baseline workshop designed to also offer a collection of mini topics and activities which can be extracted for stand-alone workshop delivery. 


  • Elevate importance of mental health to align with physical health. 

  • Develop understanding of shared human experience of suffering and anxiety.   

  • Cultivate compassion toward folks suffering with daily heavy loads of anxiety, depression, stress, and mental health challenges.   

  • Present basic biology and brain science of stress and anxiety.   

  • Develop positive coping strategies.   

  • Facilitate basic understanding of mindfulness concepts with one to three practice opportunities. 

  • Emphasize the importance of identifying support network and trusted adults.  

CKG Mini-Topic: 

Know Your Boiling Point 

 30-minute offering 

  • Promote self-awareness 

  • Demonstrate escalation of stress levels 

  • Connect participants to their individual stress reactions 

  • Educate on basic biology and brain science of stress and anxiety 

  • Explore positive coping strategies 

  • Identify support network and trusted adults. 

CKG Mini Topic: Press the Pause Button 

60-minute offering 

  • Explore the concept of React vs Respond 

  • Help participants recognize and detach from daily life stress  

  • Demonstrate the value of pressing pause in stressful situations 

  • Present basic biology and brain science of stress and anxiety 

  • Explore positive coping strategies. 

  • Facilitate basic understanding of mindfulness as a way to pause and de-stress 

  • Identify support network and trusted adults. 

CKG Mini-Topic: 

Active Listening 

60-minute offering 

  • Define active listening 

  • Discuss the benefits of active listening 

  • Demonstrate through role play the behaviors associated with active listening  

  • Explore body language and non-verbal communication 

CKG Introduction to Mindfulness:

Practice and Lifestyle 

Broad introduction to the concepts and benefits of Mindfulness Practice including: 

  • Definition, History, Benefits 

  • Cultural Relevancy 

  • Supporting Research 

  • Practice Examples 

  • Anecdotal Testimonies of Well-Known Practitioners 

  • Led Practice 

CKG Core Values: Creating Your Personal Compass 

  • Exploration and Activity to Reveal Personal Core Values 

  • Application of Core Values in Everyday Life 

CKG Transitions 

  • Definition with Examples 

  • Breath Linkage and Mindful Breath Practice 

  • Mindful Navigation of the Experience 

  • Using Mindfulness to Put Space Between You and the Experience 

  • Giving Grace to the Experience 

  • Develop a Mental Healthcare Plan 

  • Core Value Exploration 

  • Layer Core Values in Decisions and Development of Goals 

  • Goal Setting Visualization 

CKG Mindful Living 3-Part Package 

  • Part I:  CKG Introduction to Mindfulness and Stress Awareness 

  • Part I:  Setting the stage for Adolescent Mindful Practice - Seven Attitudes 

  • Part II: Practical Application of Seven Attitudes & The Mechanics of Mindfulness Practices 

CKG Mindful Living 2-Part Package 

  • Part I:  Setting the stage for Adolescent Mindful Practice - Seven Attitudes 

  • Part II: Practical Application of Seven Attitudes & The Mechanics of Mindfulness Practices 

CKG Mindful Living - Seven Attitudes of Mindfulness 

Single focus workshop topic on approach to developing a personal mindful practice 

CKG Mindful

Self-Compassion for Families and Adolescents 

  • Explore concept of Self-Compassion 

  • How to enhance mindfulness with self-compassion 

  • Explore art of loving-kindness meditation, ways to motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism, techniques for handling difficult emotions with greater ease 

CKG Positivity and Gratitude as Practice: Benefits to Your Biology and Your Life 

  • Positive vs Negative Coping Skills 

  • Developing Positive Coping Skills 

  • The Biology of Positive Mindset and Gratitude 

  • Gratitude as Practice 

  • Developing a Gratitude Practice 

CKG Developing Grit and Resilience 

  • Definition of Grit, Resilience, and Stress Hardiness 

  • 3 C’s of Stress Hardiness (Commitment, Control, Challenge)  

  • Historical, Cultural, and Personal Stories of Resilience 

  • Explore Grit 

  • Cultivating Mindfulness Skills to Change the Relationship to Stress 

  • Apply Mindfulness Skills to Develop Stress Hardiness and Resilience  

  • Knowing the Landscape - SWOT Analysis 

  • Mountain Meditation  

CKG Corporate Mindfulness Program: Everything Matters   

Mindfulness for Work and Life, The Leader’s Path 

  • Establish Relevancy 

  • Introduction to Mindfulness and Concepts 

  • Anecdotal Research and Applications 

  • Measuring Intangibles in Workplace 

  • Benefits of Mindfulness at Work and in Life 

  • The Mindful Manager / Leader 

  • The Mindful Work Day 

  • The Mindful Manager’s Contract 

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