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August 24, 2023

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Healthy Competition & Tons of Fun

See Safety Rules Below

(Rules subject to change without prior notice) 

The event will take place at Virginia International Raceway’s (VIR) kart track. We are guests of VIR and as such must conduct ourselves in a respectful manner. 


1) This is a rain or shine event. There will be on rescheduling or refunds. We will absolutely run this race in a light rain at VIR's discretion, but we must stop if the rain gets heavy or if we have lightning in the area. 
2) ALL participants must wear a full‐face helmet, closed toed shoes, long sleeve shirts and long pants. 
3) Each team will select a captain and the team shall consist of three amateur drivers and one pro  driver. 
4) Karts and pro driver assignments will be randomly determined on the day of the event. 
5) All maintenance and repair work is the exclusive responsibility of VIR staff. Any kart alterations by anyone other than VIR Karting personnel, including tire pressures, will result in a team’s immediate disqualification. 
6) The starting order will be determined by each team selecting one amateur karter to qualify the kart. 
7) Each team must have at least three pit stops and at least three driver changes with each driver  completing at least 10 COMPLETE laps before coming into the pits. For clarification, a completed  lap means crossing the start/finish line to start the lap and crossing it again to finish the lap. **Please be aware that your out lap will not count as a completed lap and your final lap will not  count as a completed lap as in neither case will the kart cross both the start and finish line. If you  have any questions on this, please see Sandy Wiggins prior to the race start. Each team will determine their driver order. 
8) No electronic communication will be allowed; we allow signs/pit boards/hand signals only. 9) If you break down, get stuck, or run out of gas on the course, STAY IN YOUR KART UNLESS IT'S ON FIRE ‐ staff will come to you.
10) In the rare event of a kart breakdown, the driver must stay in the kart and wait for an Official. The driver will be provided a replacement kart as quickly as possible and will rejoin the field.
11) Warnings and penalties: 
a. No bumping, blocking, or rough driving. 
b. If you spin, make contact with anything, or do something else foolish on course, you will get a black flag and will need to pit in. 
c. Karts will be weighted with ballast based on driver/team weight. The driver’s minimum  competing weight is 200 pounds. Ballast will be made available to bring driver to  minimum weight. There will be a small margin of variance considered to accommodate scale variance and/or weight loss during stint. A one lap penalty will be assessed for  failing weigh in.  
d. All flags and the black flag policies for this race will be explained at the drivers meeting. e. You can absolutely assume that individual drivers and/or teams will be parked WITHOUT REFUND forrepeated orserious infractions. 
f. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited until after you're done driving. 
12) Point‐by signals are highly recommended, as is staying online and letting the faster driver go around you. 
13) Anything listed on the VIR website or announced at the drivers meeting, stated by any track staff or event official at the event supersedes anything written here. 
Starting Procedures: 
Le Man Starts: A Le Man style start will be used to start the race. When the start flag is dropped, drivers will run across the track to your karts which will be parked on the other side of the track. Once fully in the kart, you may proceed. 
Re‐Starts after a Red Flag: In the event red flags are displayed at any point around the track, the field will be brought to a stop on the start finish straight. Once all karts are present, drivers will prepare for a single file, rolling start. Drivers must wait to accelerate until after the ‘acceleration cones’, and the green flag is displayed. There will be no passing allowed until after crossing the ‘start cones.’ 
 The race will end promptly at 3:45 pm. 
Thank you for participating in the Karting for CKG event. Our primary goal is to raise awareness of
The Cameron K Gallagher Foundation’s mission; and of course, having a fun and safe event.
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