Help us SpeakUp!

Every hour of your time allows the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation to fulfill its mission of being a positive force that works to raise awareness and understanding of teenage depression and anxiety. No matter how you’re volunteering, your support lets teens know they can speak up about their struggles, and that the community will have the tools to support them.

If you have any questions, contact our Administrative and Volunteer Coordinator, Lindsey Thomas.

For detailed directions on how to sign up, click here.

Volunteer F.A.Q.

How do I sign up to volunteer? 

If you have not already, please make a profile on our new volunteer portal.  If you have any questions about how to use the portal, please visit our Volunteer Portal Instructions.  Once you have created your profile, you may sign up for any open position. 


Is there an age requirement to volunteer? 

Most volunteer positions do not have an age requirement (if a requirement exists, it will be listed on the portal).  However, we ask that an adult accompany every four volunteers, 12 and younger.   When volunteering with younger children, please let the volunteer coordinator know in advance. Both adults and children must have a volunteer profile. Water stops and cheer zones are great places for children to volunteer.  


May I volunteer on behalf of a group? 

Absolutely!  If you are a group leader of a service organization, company, or scout troop, etc. ,please make only one volunteer profile for yourself.  After you have made the profile, let the volunteer coordinator know the size of your group and what job you want to do.  We will mark off the number of positions you indicate.  Closer to the event, we will collect the names of the people volunteering from you. 


When do I arrive? When may I leave? 

For an event, please plan on arriving at volunteer check-in 15 minutes before your scheduled start time.  Office helpers may simply arrive at the time of their shift.  If you have to leave early, please let the volunteer coordinator know.  On rare occasions, a second shift may be late to arrive, and we request that you stay until your replacement has checked in and been trained. 


What should I bring? 

A smile!  Keep an upbeat, YES!, attitude. Also, bring sunblock, a hat, and comfortable shoes. 


Will you have breakfast for me? Coffee? Water? 

We will have coffee and snacks available for volunteers during check-in.  Water is always available!  


May I receive community service hours for my school? 

Absolutely!  Please bring your form to the volunteer coordinator to sign.   We love community service!


May I volunteer on behalf of a group?

We love volunteer groups!  If your organization wishes to volunteer as a group, please have only a group leader make a volunteer profile.  As the leader makes her/his profile (fills in an application), s/he will get to a question that asks if s/he is part of a group.  Please say yes and put in the name of the group.  Once that is done, please email Lindsey Thomas at lindsey@ckgfoundation.organd let her know the approximate number of people that will be volunteering.  She’ll go in and mark off the activity, the number of spaces the group is filling, and send the group leader a confirmation email.  As we get closer to the actual date the group is volunteering, Lindsey will request the names of the volunteers, but they will not have to make individual profiles.