A club of positivity and support!

Members of SpeakUp Clubs are asked to commit to being ambassadors of kindness each and every day
so that they may lead by example and support ending the stigma associated with depression and anxiety.

Do you want to be a positive force in your school and show your peers that you care?

“ We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”
— Mother Teresa


During the school year, SpeakUp clubs are to hold monthly meetings during which members of the club are reminded of the mission and importance of creating an environment of kindness in their school community and beyond.


Meetings are to begin with a “Cameron Smiles” moment. This is a simple story or account of a time when someone went out of his/her way to brighten the day of someone who was struggling or just a simple act of kindness to a stranger, student, faculty or community member.

This is how members of the Saint Gertrude SpeakUp Club described their meetings: "We each picked messages that inspired us personally, and together we made tons of creative posters with beautiful uplifting quotes. We all hung the posters up throughout the school in hopes of spreading positivity and brightening people's days. By doing so we are working to create a happy, hopeful and supportive environment that encourages our peers to stay active and continue to fight the good fight, finish their race, and keep the faith!"