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You can import and edit feedback received from additional CAD applications like OnShape, Blender and Meshmixer.You can also import and edit feedback received from business applications like Interact, Visio and SPSS. (video: 1:15 min.)When you’re working on a project with design team members, you can synchronize your designs between you and them on the same drawing. (video: 1:10 min.)Tron supports the AutoCAD Web 3D User Interface (Ux)Autodesk, the AutoCAD brand, has been the gold standard in 2D CAD software for more than 30 years. In the Ux, we’ve provided ways to use 3D technology to speed up and improve what you can do on paper, including access to rich 3D content from within AutoCAD and the ability to share and collaborate on your models.AutoCAD 2023 adds more ways to share your models and interact with your team in ways that are fast, intuitive and convenient. You can now access AutoCAD Web 3D Ux features such as an image-based component library, and interact with and collaborate on models with other users. For example, you can use the Image-based component library to import 3D models and integrate them into your drawings in a single drawing. You can also use AutoCAD Web 3D to explore models in a 3D browser, using virtual reality.With the AutoCAD Web 3D Ux, you can use the Web browser to:Access a component library, which allows you to import and interact with 3D models, including one from the cloud.Share your work with other users through whiteboards or peer review in virtual reality.Implement design decisions on paper and bring those same design changes into a 3D model.Access cloud-based content with the Cloud Content library. (The Autodesk eLearning team will host a tutorial on the Autodesk Learning Network on AutoCAD Web 3D on August 19th.)Access 3D printable models in Web 3D.Choose from an array of 3D model materials and textures, including ones from our partners.For a more detailed tutorial, you can visit this AutoCAD Web 3D tutorial.Our new Image-based component library:With the new Image 2be273e24d