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CKG aims to positively impact the

anxiety crisis of our adolescents.

We work directly with schools and community groups to inspire supportive and productive conversations around mental health and wellness which lead to self-awareness,

self-acceptance and hope for help.

See more videos of our work in action here

Testimonials Program





I just wanted to say thank you for your very informative and moving discussion we had the other night … Though I have never met Cameron, her story was incredibly touching and I love how you have and continue to spread the word on mental illness. I have not had any hardships with mental illness to date, but I have lost love ones recently and it hit home for me. I also wanted to let you know that I will be wearing the bracelet you gave all of us the other night for quite some time, so if I am ever struggling or facing a tough time, I will FIGHT, FINISH, and have FAITH in everything I do. Though Cameron may not physically be here, she is definitely here in spirit and I just can thank you enough for sharing her story and having such an impact. 




In our upper school, the workshops brought issues to the surface for several students who are now getting professional assistance.  And, I think the atmosphere around school, while typically good,  is noticeably more accepting and positive—a testament to the effectiveness of your program.  Teachers are more aware of the need to guide students in remaining mindfully present in the pressure of academics.  And families are reaching out to communicate about the mental health of their students.  So, all of the effects you strive to achieve, are flowering here following your good work. 


We are all deeply grateful.” 



I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do for teens and spreading the word about mental health. I also want to say a huge THANK YOU for what you did for my 15-year-old son. He has struggled with anxieties and depression most of his life. There are good time periods and bad time periods for him. This spring he was going through a rough time and we were having trouble getting him to talk to us and go for help. We were struggling with what to do next. I picked my son up from school one afternoon and he said to me - "mom I want to get help and work through my issues." This is the first step and most important step of working through his issues… Fast forward about a month and a half and I can see we are in a better place already. This is all thanks to your wonderful organization. I asked him what changed his mind about wanting help and he told me about the visit from the CKG at his school…He wears the green CKG foundation every day as a reminder he can do it! I am so grateful for what CKG did for him and my family. From the bottom of my heart…Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!” 

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